Academic Ceremony

At an academic ceremony, a higher education institution celebrates and acknowledges its academic progress. New Professors are inaugurated into their new tenures, new doctors are conferred and other academic merits are celebrated.

Halmstad University will celebrate its next Academic Ceremony on November 15, 2019.

Man wearing a doctoral degree hat

Jörgen Persson, former professional table tennis player, was conferred as Honorary Doctor at Halmstad University's Academic Ceremony on November 16, 2018. Photo: Anders Andersson

Halmstad University's Honorary Doctors


  • Jörgen Persson, Health and Lifestyle
  • Gun-Britt Lydén, Health and Lifestyle


  • Maj-Britt Sandlund, Health and Lifestyle


  • Jan Einar Blomquist, Innovation Sciences
  • Nicolas Hassbjer, Information Technology

Tradition with Medieval origins

The Academic Ceremony is a European university tradition with its roots in the Middle Ages and antique symbolism. Halmstad University celebrated its first Academic Ceremony in 1998. Halmstad University is a young university that has created its own traditions and rituals, but that also connects to traditional ceremonies.