Student life

Student life includes so much more than just studies. As a student at Halmstad University you have an exciting time ahead where you will learn about a new culture and make friends for life. We will do our best to make your student experience as good as possible!


The benefits of the convenient format of Halmstad University become particularly evident when you consider the layout of our campus. Within the University area you can find almost everything you need close at hand, such as lecture halls, library, cafés, union buildings and a gym. As the campus is always full of life and movement, it is also the natural meeting place for the students of the University.

Comfortable student life

As a Halmstad student, you never have to run around town to go from one lecture to the next. Most of them take place on campus. This makes it easier to get touch contact with students from other programmes, teachers and other University staff. Most of the buildings are new and the premises are consistently kept fresh and clean. When you need a change of scenery, the city centre is nearby. You can go from campus to the centre by bike or bus in a few minutes.

Two women and one man are standing around a large digital screen, showing charts and statistics. Photo.

Experiment with high-technology equipment in the University laboratories.

Four women laughing and conversing while studying in the library. Photo.

The University Library is a perfect place to study with your friends.

Engage and socialise

Most people say that their time at university is the best time of their life. New friends, newfound freedom, new knowledge, new experiences and new relationships.

Take part in social activities during your studies! It’s a great way to meet new friends, build a network and to maximise your stay in Halmstad.

Involvement is a big part of life as a student. Getting involved in anything out of all that is offered to students can help you make new friends, create fun memories and have experiences that make a difference on your way to your dream job.

Halmstad University is characterised by an entrepreneurial spirit, which is reflected in the amount of activities to get involved in. The range of areas of interest is wide!

Two men talking and laughing, the Halmstad University main entrance can be seen in the background. Photo.

Meeting new friends is an important part of your studies.

Student Experience and Employability Programme

The SEEP programme is an extracurricular programme with the aim to prepare international students for the Swedish labour market. Boost your career in Sweden by leveraging your strengths and expanding your network.

Six students standing outside Halmstad University. Photo.

Why take part in the programme?

By taking part in the Student Experience and Employability Programme (SEEP) you will create a unique opportunity to prepare yourself for a future career in Sweden by learning the language, understanding the working culture, preparing an attractive resume and expanding your network with local employers and University partners. For your personal development, you will connect with like-minded international students which will further enhance your student experience at Halmstad University.

Reasons to join the programme

  • Increase the prospect of finding a job in Sweden
  • Learn Swedish to boost your chances and networking opportunities
  • Understand the Swedish culture, traditions and norms in the workplace
  • Build a network of young professionals as well as company representatives
  • Get a toolbox to build your own capacity and successful career!

Upon a successful completion of SEEP you will receive a certificate that is valuable for your professional CV.

A group of students listening to a lecture, smiling. Photo.
Programme plan for SEEP. Illustration.
A woman and a man shaking hands, smiling. Photo.

The city of Halmstad

Halmstad is a big little city. It combines the best qualities of a small town with the vibrance of a bigger city. You can enjoy a balanced lifestyle with a mix of concerts and sport events with relaxation in untouched nature. Many of our students appreciate the closeness between campus, the student accommodations and other parts of the city which makes it easy to spend time together and discovering the surroundings.

Three people on stand up paddle boards on a river, a red castle in the background. Photo.

It’s easy to be active in the city of Halmstad. Why not try city sightseeing on a stand up paddle board?

A bike-friendly city

Exploring the city and its surroundings by bike is recommended! Halmstad is one of the top bike cities in Sweden, with well-maintained bike paths both in the city and on the countryside. One of the main tourist attractions is Prins Bertil’s stig, which takes you from the city centre to the beautiful beach at Tylösand. Want a bigger challenge? Kattegattleden is a bicycle route that runs all the way through Halland – from Helsingborg in the south to Gothenburg in the north. The route is lined with picturesque little fishing villages and small marinas with dramatic views of the sea and the surrounding landscape.

Two women biking in the forest. Photo.

Halmstad is a great outdoor destination and offers a large amount of biking and hiking trails.

Best beaches in the country

Want to take a swim in the ocean at the most beautiful beach in Sweden? Tylösand is the place for you. Halmstad attracts visitors from all over the world because of its perfect location on the west coast, with sandy beaches and sand dunes just minutes away from the city centre. If you prefer more action, enjoy the windy days with some great surfing.

A group of people sitting on a beach, looking towards the ocean. Photo.

Halmstad is surrounded by 22 beaches where one of them, Tylösand, is considered to be the best beaches in the country.

The city of sports

The city of sports offers options for everyone, whether you would like to do some exercise yourself or prefer to sit in the audience. A good selection of gyms (both indoors and outdoors) and sport associations are available, many of them within the campus area. Halmstad is especially known to be a great golf city with 12 golf courses within the region.

A short trainride to metropolitan cities

Halmstad is located in the middle of the west coast, between Gothenburg and Malmö/Copenhagen. You can easily take the train to these cities, it takes about an hour to Gothenburg and around 90 minutes to Malmö. From there you can choose to continue to Copenhagen, just remember to keep your passport ready.

The Student Union

There are several ways for you to influence your studies during your time at Halmstad University. Getting involved in the Student Union is one way to make a difference.

A glass door with a reception behind it. Photo.

Visit the Student Union in the glass corridor.