Doctoral education

The University conducts doctoral education in several areas. Halmstad University has the right to award doctorates in three different areas: Information Technology, Innovation Sciences, and Health and Lifestyle. In other areas, doctoral education is conducted with the support of strategic collaboration agreements with other colleges and universities.

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Doctoral education field of Health and Lifestyle

In this field, research is conducted from a multidisciplinary perspective on the factors that affect and are affected by health and illness, both on the individual and community levels. Doctoral education in this field is led by the research environment CVHI.

Doctoral education in Health and Lifestyle

Doctoral education field of Information Technology

Within the field of Information Technology, the University conducts doctoral education in three subjects: Computer Science and Engineering, Informatics and Signals, and Systems Engineering. The doctoral education in the field will gradually expand to other subjects within the research environment. Doctoral education in this field is led by the research environment Halmstad Embedded and Intelligent Systems Research (EIS).

Doctoral education in Information Technology

Doctoral education field of Innovation Sciences

Doctoral education in this field involves the study of how internal and external conditions affect innovation processes and how ideas succeed in the market, that is to say, become innovations. Doctoral education in this field is led by the research environment Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Learning research (CIEL).

Doctoral education in Innovation Sciences

Footnote. Subject to change. All doctoral education starts after the necessary decisions have been made.

Table with doctoral hat, wreaths and diplomas wrapped with coloured ribbons

General syllabi for subjects at doctoral level

Field of Health and Lifestyle

Field of Information Technology

General syllabus for Computer Science and EngineeringPDF

General syllabus for InformaticsPDF

General syllabus for Signals and Systems EngineeringPDF

Field of Innovation Sciences

Genereal syllabus for Innovation SciencesPDF