Education in Information Technology for professionals

Halmstad University provides professional education within the area of Information Technology, for example Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Service Design.


RELIFE course package

The course package called RELIFE (Remote digitalization education to enhance the lives of industry workers affected by COVID-19) consists of the five courses listed below. The courses will start in the summer of 2020 and are based on needs and requests from business and industry. The coures are developed with support from the Swedish Knowledge Foundation with the aim of strengthening Swedish business and industry.

The courses are at advanced level and are included in the range of courses offered by Halmstad University. This means that they qualify for credits and are free of charge for participants who are citizens of any EU- or EEA-country, or Switzerland, or are permanent residents in Sweden (more information about this can be found at The courses are online based with a flexible pace of study. Course participants can choose to study the entire course package, individual courses or separate modules within the courses.

Python – a Gateway to Machine Learning, 5 credits

Young woman sitting in front of computer screen with programming code on the screen. Photo.

Cybersecurity Issues of Distributed Work Places, 7.5 credits

A hand holding a smartphone, a digital padlock visible on the screen. Photo.

Supervised Machine Learning, 7.5 credits

Human head in profile with a circuit brain board inside and Machine Learning logo. Illustration.

Applied Data Mining and Data Science, 5 credits

Image of city landscape with virtual icons floating above it. Photo/illustration.

Applied Deep Learning with Tensorflow, 5 credits

Conceptual illustration of neuron cells with glowing link knots in abstract dark space. Illustration.

Other courses within Information Technology

AI for Executives, 2.5 credits

Two robotic hands holding a virtual sphere with the letters AI and digital icons. Illustration.

Business Intelligence, 7.5 credits

Team of business people discussing looking at data analytics dashboard on computer screen in office. Photo.

Human-Centered Machine Learning – podcast course

Data Analytics and Service Innovation based on Artificial Intelligence (MAISTR)

Electricity flowing through computer printed circuitboard style brain. Graphic.

DIGIBUS course package

There is a another course package, called DIGIBUS (Digitalisation of Business in a Global World), developed for professionals. DIGIBUS is an exciting mixture of modern information technology and business, aimed at managers and entrepreneurs.

DIGIBUS course package