Professional development

Are you looking for training or professional development for your employees? Halmstad University offers businesses, public sector and other organisations a large number of university level courses.

Education for professionals

Halmstad University offers an educational programme in AI and service design on advanced level for professionals, the Data Analytics and Service Innovation based on Artificial Intelligence (MAISTR). The programme is directed towards professionals who want to get continued education in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and business and service development techniques with AI/ML. The programme has been developed by matching by matching skills and development needs in the industry with the knowledge and competence available in the University's strong academic environments.

Education in AI for professionals

What is an education for professionals in reality?

Educations for professionals are aimed at individuals who are employed but wish to further train themselves. The courses are adapted to combine studying with working and are built on having a degree and some work experience as a base. They are flexible, with almost all education through distance learning and individual work, with a few meetings at the Halmstad campus.

Commissioned education

Commissioned education is education that is carried out for a fee for an employer/legal entity. It usually concerns staff training for employees in a business, public sector or other organisations, but can also be arrange for labour market reasons or within the framework for international relief.

The scale can be anything from a single lecture or a thematic day to a whole course or programme. No admission or formal eligibility is required and it is the business/organisation that determines who will attend the course. Commissioned education can be provided with or without higher education credits.

What is commissioned education in reality?

Commissioned education can be courses from our usual course range, but often we discuss solutions with courses that are both developed and adapted to the wishes and needs of the client.

The education is set to a time and place that suits the client, but adaptation is also done when it comes to content and form of teaching. An example of this is support from modern information technology and pedagogy that is adapted to distance learning.

Quality assurance

All courses are quality assessed in the same way as the University’s other courses and programmes, an example of this is that our School Boards set the course syllabi. All lecturers are very qualified and experts in their field.

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