Technology Area Aware Intelligent Systems

Our research is carried out in close collaboration with industrial partners and is largely about development within artificial intelligence (AI). The focus is on creating systems that, as autonomously as possible, can be developed based on real-life data.

When large amounts of data are collected and analysed by intelligent systems, new solutions to several of today's societal problems can be developed.

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The aim of the research is to, in collaboration with our surrounding society, create conscious and intelligent systems that have the ability to develop themselves.

About artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be divided into general AI and narrow AI. General AI is not yet developed, but narrow AI is used in a number of different areas today. For example, in autonomous vehicles and when scanning images on the internet. Machine learning is part of AI where algorithms and computer programs learn by repeating examples. Machine learning is a way to reach narrow AI or ultimately to general AI. Deep learning is an area within machine learning where algorithms find special features and properties for making decisions on their own.


Technology Area Aware Intelligent Systems is closely linked to the innovation centre Leap for Life, the industrial research centre Health Data Centre, the lab Halmstad Intelligent Home and the Center for Applied Intelligent Systems Research.

Leap for Life

Health Data Centre

Halmstad Intelligent Home (HINT)

Center for Applied Intelligent Systems Research (CAISR)


The Technology Area is responsible for carrying through and developing courses within artificial intelligens, image analysis, learning systems, mechatronics systems, signals and systems, and control theory. Education of doctoral students is done within the doctoral education in information technology:

Doctoral education in Information Technology