Innovation Conference

Smart cities and communities are about creating sustainability by using information and communication technology. On September 19, researchers, students, companies and practitioners who can contribute and are affected by this development gather at Halmstad University to discuss the future smart cities and communities.

Innovation Conference – September 19, 2019

Smart cities and communities with a focus on smart mobility and smart energy.

Date: September 19, 2019
Place: Visionen at Halmstad University
Registration: see below, register before September 10

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09:00–09:20 Coffee

09:20–09:35 Welcome and presentation of the day

09:35–10:35 Keynote

  • Sarah Pink, Professor of Design and Emerging Technology at Monash University, Australia and Guest Professor at Halmstad University: ”Future mobilities and future energy: a design anthropological approach”. More information about Sarah Pink below.

10:35–12:00 Four talks á 15 minutes

  • Alexander Örning, HEM: ”HEM’s contribution to smart cities”
  • Kristina Lygnerud, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and Halmstad University: ”Waste heat in the future energy system”
  • Alexey Vinel, Professor in Data Communication at Halmstad University: ”Cooperative driving in smart cities”
  • Pontus Wärnestål, Associate Professor in Informatics at Halmstad University: ”Human-centered design for urban planning"

12:00–13:00 Lunch [Poster session]

13:00–14:45 Shorter keynotes

  • Christer Kilersjö, Eksta Bostad AB: ”Sustainable living: sun, biofuel and passive houses”
  • Malin Labecker, Senior Director Direct Consumer Business, Volvo Cars: ”Future Automotive Market Landscape”
  • Jo Smedley, Visiting Professor of Digital Learning at Halmstad University: "SMART Education: what's in it for me?"

More information about the keynote speakers below.

14:45–15:15 Coffee [Poster Session]

15:15–15:50 Panel discussion 

15:50–16:00 Closing session


You cannot register any longer. Registration closed on 10 September at 23.59.

Keynote speaker Sarah Pink

Title of the talk:
Future mobilities and future energy: a design anthropological approach

Sarah Pink is known globally for her interdisciplinary research which brings design anthropology into collaboration with other disciplines and partners inside and outside academia. She has over 20 years experience of working with academic and industry research partners internationally and frequently gives keynote and public lectures in academic and business environments internationally. Her current research focuses on emerging technologies, automation, data, digital futures, safety and design for wellbeing. Projects investigate autonomous driving vehicles, mobility as a service, digital energy futures, self tracking and wearable technologies, smart phone and personal technology futures, digital technology use in everyday life, and healthcare design.

Sarah Pink is a world leader in innovative digital, visual and sensory research and dissemination methodologies, which she engages in interdisciplinary projects with design, engineering and creative practice disciplines to engage with contemporary issues and challenges. Her research has been funded by research councils in Australia, UK, Sweden and Spain, and the EU, and through industry partnerships and other organisations internationally, including Volvo Cars (Sweden), Unilever (UK), Samsung (Brazil), Suncorp (Australia), Exemplar Health Consortium (Australia) and IOSH (UK).

Sarah Pink, Professor of Design and Emerging Technology at Monash University, Australiaexternal link, opens in new window

Halmstad University resarch project: A human approach to designing future cities and intelligent cars

Keynote speaker Christer Kilersjö

Title of the talk:
Sustainable living: sun, biofuel and passive houses

Christer Kilersjö, CEO, Eksta Bostad AB

Eksta Bostad ABexternal link, opens in new window

About the talk: Sustainability as part of Eksta's corporate culture. During his talk, Christer Kilersjö will share his experience of what is needed for the staff to be curious, innovative and willing to learn.

Keynote speaker Malin Labecker

Title of the talk:
Future Automotive Market Landscape

Malin Labecker is a Senior Director, Direct Consumer Business at Volvo Cars.

About the talk: What does the new landscape for automotive look like? What changes are needed and what is Volvo Cars plan to still be a part of the future?

Keynote speaker Jo Smedley

Title of the talk:
SMART Education: what’s in it for me?

Jo Smedley is a Tutor in Continuing and Professional Education at Cardiff University, UK and an Associate Lecturer at The Open University, UK. She is a Visiting Professor of Digital Learning at Halmstad University.

About the talk: Personalised and structured learning is the key to acquiring confidence and achieving successful individual and organisational outcomes. Technology is integral to everything we do. This presentation will focus on how our digital expertise can influence learning and impact on our life-wide achievements.

Virtual city with buildings connected by light beams