Centre for International Marketing and Entrepreneurship Research (CIMER)

Increased globalization (with reduced trade barriers, new transport and communications, the importance of emerging markets) means that internationalization (in terms of sales, purchasing, production and knowledge exchange) becomes an important issue for enterprises and other actors in society.

What's new?

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Date and time: May 4, 13:30
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In order to ensure sustainable economic development is knowledge of internationalization, marketing, entrepreneurship and growth necessary building blocks. Internationalization can lead to greater prosperity through Earth's common resources can be used in a better way. Imbalance of power relationship can mean that the value creation can be distributed in an unequal way. More knowledge is needed to understand globalization positive and negative effects on both the corporate and societal levels.

The group's specific conditions and opportunities

Halmstad University has over ten years built a strong position in the research field of International Marketing and Entrepreneurship. The research group has built up a publishing capabilities that has led to publications in reputable journals, books and bokkapitetel of known publishing house, dissertations, etc. The researchers have built a strong international network and are highly cited in the field. Research is an important base for the bachelor's program and Master's degree program in international marketing and for graduate study in Innovation Studies. The research mainly focuses on the commercialization part of the innovation process.

Purpose and Goals

The purpose of this research is to study how and why companies grow internationally and how their internationalization affects society?

Research Areas

International Entrepreneurship, International Marketing, and related topics.

Strategy for development and financing

We focus on the research question of how and why companies grow internationally, and how their internationalization affects society? Our research is the basis of education because, graduate and research level in international marketing and innovation studies. We strive to expand our international cooperation with strategic partners. Our experience is that international cooperation and enables the building publications with data from different countries, and also provide the necessary skills enhancement, both of which lead to more opportunities to publish in high-ranking journals.

We have built our funding from the Foundation, the Swedish Research Council, Lundberg Foundations, stint, Linneus-Palme.

We are looking for funds from the above funders and The Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation, Handelsbanken's research foundations, FCA, EU.