Be a winner in elite sports and employment before and after athletic retirement

The project aims to improve the opportunities for former elite athletes to be recruited on the labour market.

13 collaborative partners and 39 experts from six EU countries (Belgium, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden) are given the opportunity to conduct research on how the employment of athletes and former athletes in Europe can be optimised.

In the initial phase, B-WISER will identify existing structures and measures for supporting elite sports and employment. The project will then identify the skills that athletes require in order to combine elite sports and employment on the labour market, and also the skills they require to successfully make the transition from elite sports to the labour market at the end of their sporting careers.

In the next phase, B-WISER examines the added value for employers to hire (former) elite athletes. The project identifies and develops best practices in the participating countries for optimising matching between (former) athletes and (future) employers. The project will provide educational institutions, sports associations, employers and careers advisors in the participating countries with an opportunity to optimise support and guidance on elite sports and employment.

About the project

Project period:

  • 2017–2019


  • Erasmus
  • EU


  • The partnership consists of universities as well as national and international Olympic and Paralympic Committees, such as
  • Sports in Sweden
  • The Swedish Olympic Committee
  • Sweden Paralympic Committee
  • International Olympic Committee
  • International Paralympic Committee

In addition to the above, experts in vocational guidance (Adecco Athletes Career program), HR and Sport are coordinated by Paul Wylleman, Professor at Vrije Universiteit in Brussels.