Exchange student

Want to study at Halmstad University as an exchange student? Here you'll find all relevant information. The most common, and easiest, way for international students to apply for exchange studies at Halmstad University is if your home university has a bilateral student exchange programme, such as Erasmus, with Halmstad University. Contact your home university's International Office for guidance.

Application guide

Here is a short guide to the application process for exchange students. Please note that this online application is only for exchange students coming to Halmstad University within an exchange agreement. Applications from non-exchange students will not be processed.

Our online application for autumn semester 2020 will open on March 2.

Application deadline is April 15.

Step-by-step guide:

1. Preparation – planning your studies

At this stage you should be ready to select courses online, please read the prerequisites and conditions of admission for each course before the selection. Discuss your course selection with your home university and have them approved. This is important so that you can transfer the credits to your home university.

Please read the information about course selection carefully since it is very difficult to change courses at a later stage. Please note that there is no add and drop period at Halmstad University.

If you select courses from different study fields, programmes or schools they will most likely collide in the schedule. Try to keep your choice of courses within your study field or try to select packages that match.

Courses for exchange students

Course selection

2. Prepare your papers

You should also have all required documents ready to be uploaded. There is no need in sending in any originals! The coordinator at the home university needs to sign the confirmation of nomination since it needs to be uploaded online.

Confirmation of NominationPDF

3. Online application 1 – Local system, Moveon

In order to apply online you need to create an account in Moveon. Fill out the application and submit it. In the online application, the signed copy of the confirmation of nomination should be uploaded.

Moveon (only open during application period Sep 2 - Oct 15) external link, opens in new window

Students who are going to stay in Halmstad for one year should mark this clearly in the application in Moveon. You will not be able to select courses for one year at University Admissions, you have to apply for the courses for the second semester in a later stage.

Once you have finalised your application you will receive an email confirming that your application has been received and a link to use for selecting course. You will also receive information regarding how to apply through our national system University Admissions.

4. Online application 2 – National system, University Admissions

Your choice of courses need to be selected through the course webpage for exchange students. ALWAYS use the link you received in the e-mail when you completed the application in Moveon.

  • Select and submit the courses. If you want to change your selection of courses before the deadline you have to use the link from the email again.
  • Create the account. It is important that you check the email address that these instructions were sent to. We will communicate with you through this address.

After you have submitted your course selection, please upload the documents listed below. You do not have to upload any other documents even though additional documents may be listed on University Admissions:

  • Transcript of Records in English language
  • Confirmation of Nomination (signed by the home institution)
  • English proficiency if available
  • Identification documentation/passport

You can follow the status of your application on your account at University Admissions. If you have problems with your application please send an email to

Please note that all applications will have the status unqualified until processed.

5. Admission letter

After the admission results in November, you will be able to download your admission letter (Notification of Selection Results) through your account at University Admissions. This letter is the official acceptance letter and you will be able to use this if you need to apply for a visa.

Please read your admission letter carefully and make sure that the selection result is correct. Also check with your home university that you can be given credit for the chosen courses when you come home.

University Admissionsexternal link, opens in new window

Further information regarding introduction meetings and accommodation will be sent by email to all admitted students.


If Halmstad University is not notified beforehand, late applications will not be processed.

Entry requirements

The courses and programmes available for exchange students has specific entry requirements based on previous studies and language skills.

Course selection

Below you can find instructions on how to understand the course lists and examples of different ways to combine courses during your exchange studies.

1. Understand how courses and semesters are organised

  • Full time studies equals 30 credits per semester
  • Each semester consists of 2 consecutive study periods
  • Each period lasts for ten weeks.
  • Full‐time study (100 %) is an estimated workload of 40 hours per week

2. Navigating the course lists

The course lists contain information about the courses’ length, amount of credits, study, pace and during which periods they are studied. There is also a link to the webpage of each course where additional information is found and the specific prerequisites are explained.

Courses may run full‐time (100%), or part‐time (25–75%). A full‐time (100%) course equals 1.5 credits per week. Part‐time courses have a lesser study load and lasts longer, i.e. a course at 50% pace equals 0.75 credits per week, a course at 25% pace, equals 0.375 credits/week.

Choose courses from the list of courses for exchange students on the webpage and be ready to select the courses online.

Courses for exchange students

3. How to combine courses

  • Make sure to choose courses covering both periods.
  • Combine your courses in such a way that you stay as close as possible to a total of 100% study load per period.
  • The total study load should also add up to 30 credits per semester.
  • Students should preferably apply for 6 courses in order of preference.