Fab Lab

Fab Lab Halmstad is one of the University's laboratories and collaboration arenas. Here, you find an inspiring environment for learning, fully equiped with digital machines for prototyping.

Fab Lab creates a hub where people from different disciplines and organisations come together and make their ideas come alive. You are welcome here if you want to scan and print 3D-models, cut in vinyl, wood or acrylics, cut and solder circuit boards, cast in acrylics or metal, program or modell, or just have a great cup of coffee.

Man pointing at colored stickers on a wall, while three other men watch.

The basis for the Fab Lab-method is posted on the wall, always visible to students, co-workers and visitors.

Local lab with global connections

Fab Lab, or Fabrication Laboratory, is a concept developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, centered on openness and collaboration between education, research, och som bland annat handlar om öppenhet och samverkan mellan utbildning, forskning, trade and industry, and individuals. Fab Lab Halmstad has been around since spring 2016, and is part of a global network consisting of over 1 100 registered labs.

Digital production will change the very core of the industrial landscape, and affect the ability for businesses to survive. That is why digitization plays such a vital role when it comes to establishing opportunities of renewal, the creation of new business and new ways to invent and develop products.

Fab Lab for businesses

Do you want to develop your prototypes in a top-of-the-line, hoghly modern digital shop, or do you wish to hold meetings in a creative environment? Fab Lab has a lot to offer to business. Contact us to find out more!

Fab Lab for individuals

Do you feel like letting loose your creativity? Come and create together with the students at Fab Lab! You only pay for the material that you use.

Opening hours and information

Wednesdays and Thursdays 17.00–20.00. Linjegatan

Are you younger than 15? You are welcome if you are accompanied by an adult.

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