Docentföreläsning - Ross Friel

Ross Friel håller sin docentföreläsning inom digital tillverkning: "A Digital to Physical Future".

Sammanfattning av föreläsningens innehåll (på engelska):
The lecture will talk about Advanced Digital Manufacturing, Ross Friel's area of research, which involves the use of computation and virtual designs to drive advanced manufacturing technologies to produce engineered designs directly from electronic data. This range of technologies has opened up many new ways of thinking and the possibilities are ever-increasing with what can be achieved. The lecture will cover an overview of Ross Friel's research and a selection of examples that show what has and can be achieved with Advanced Digital Manufacturing. The lecture will be targeted at a general audience and thus no prior knowledge of the field is necessary to follow the lecture.

Föreläsningen hålls på engelska via Zoom: