Licentiatseminarium - Dulce Goncalves

Uppsatsens titel:
Organizational Agility and Digital Innovation Capability in Automotive Startups

Om seminariet (på engelska):
This dissertation addresses three organizational agility aspects: organizational culture, organizational transparency and co-creation in ecosystem. Dulce Goncalves will present a conceptual framework of organizational agility patterns affecting digital innovation capability.

Om licentiatuppsatsen (på engelska):
Existing research on organizational agility has primarily focused on large companies. This research tends to reference startups as the truly agile organizations, and it is assumed that large established corporations have much to learn from startups, especially for digital innovation. However, little research has studied startups with an organizational agility lens to identify how startups develop organizational agility and what enables and hinders such agility. There is a need to understand better how startups use organizational agility to gain leverage in digital innovation. This licentiate thesis is based on three papers. Each paper focuses on one aspect of organizational agility and aims to answer the research question: How do startups use organizational agility to leverage digital innovation? The three organizational agility aspects included in this dissertation are organizational culture, organizational transparency, and co-creation in an ecosystem. The concluding analysis showed differences between startups' ability to use organizational agility in digital innovation. Based on the analysis of how organizational agility affected the studied companies' digital innovation capability, we identified four ideal types of startup organizational agility: digital industrial, digital complementary, digital exploiter, and digital disrupter. A conceptual framework has been developed to illustrate the different organizational agility patterns that affect digital innovation capability.

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