Öppen föreläsning dr. Yuliya Snihur

The lecture is divided in two parts:

Part I: Business Models, Innovation, and Ecosystem Formation
Part II: Long Range Planning: Journal presentation and the editors perspective on publishing

Yuliya gained her PhD at IESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain. Her dissertation was awarded AOM Heizer Dissertation Award. She is doing research and teaching in the areas of Business Model Innovation, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation. She is member of Strategic Management Society, Academy of Management. Some of her recent publications are listed at the end of this e-mail. She is regularly reviewing for Academy of Management Journal, California Management Review, Journal of Business Venturing, Long Range Planning, Strategic Management Journal, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Technovation, Academy of Management Annual Meetings (BPS, ENT), Strategic Management Society Conferences. Additionally, she has been a special issue editor of the Journal of Cleaner Production. Since 2018 she is an associate editor of the Long Range Planning Journal.