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We want your time at Halmstad University to be the best time of your life!

Most people say that your time at university is the best time in life. New friends, newfound liberty, new knowledge, new experiences and new relationships.

For most, involvement is what most clearly characterises life as a student. Getting involved in anything out of all that is offered to students can help you make new friends, make fun memories and have experiences that make a difference on your way to your dream job.

Halmstad University is characterised by momentum and entrepreneurial spirit. And that’s why you can find a lot of groups to get involved in. The range of areas to get involved in is wide and we can almost guarantee that there’s something that fits all.

Below you’ll find lots of areas connected to your studies at Halmstad University to get involved in. The future starts here!

Get involved – get ready for the future and make friends for life!

The Student Unionexternal link

The Student Union is a membership organization. It organizes different types of student social events such as job fairs, parties and Fresher's Week.

They run a pub where you can enjoy a cozy atmosphere, nice drinks and a cheap meal. Their Fresher's week involves around 1500 people and a lot of laughters.

One of their branches are called UFO (University Friendship Organization). They focus on the integration between swedish students and students from all over the world! For example, they create possibilities for you to visit Lappland (Northern part of Sweden) where you can try dog-sled, visit the Icehotel of Jukkasjärvi and maybe, if you are lucky, see the northern lights.

If you want to be involved either as a participant or as an organizer, please visit their website. 


School involvement

SI (Supplemental instruction)external link
Lead study groups outside the regular schedule.

Student incubatorexternal link
Supports students who wants to start their own business.


Program associations

Corpus Callosumexternal link
A student association for OLAV-SOSH-students.

Eurekhaexternal link
A programme association for the economic students.

HOVmästarnaexternal link
A programme association for IVP-, PIKA- and HPP.

A programme association for the informatic students.

Mjölnerexternal link
A programme association for students of Construction Engineering, and Construction and Real Estate Economists.

MårFintexternal link
A programme association for nurse students.

S.K.O.L.Kexternal link
A programme association for the teacher students.

SOKratesexternal link
A programme association for students of the Social analysis and communication program.

U-tvingenexternal link
A programme association for students of the Development Engineer program.

Vingmutternexternal link
A programme association for students of the machine engineers.

A programme association for students of Civil Data, Computer, Electrical and Mechatronics Engineers programs.


Other associations

Arbetsmarknadsdagen external link(Labor market day)
A cooperation between the Student Union, Eurekha and Mjölner where students gets a opportunity to meet future employers and colleagues.

CREDOexternal link
A christian fraternity.

HSIFexternal link
A student sport association. They arrange try-a-sport, weekly sport hour and Student League (an indoor football league for students).

Köörmitexternal link
Student choir that arrange two concerts per year. They are a part of events the university arrange and also attends graduations.

Smålands Nationexternal link
Smålands Nation is a student pub and fraternity for students at the university.

Get involved – prepare for the future and make friends for life!

Kalle Pyk

Kalle Pyk, Economics student

"I am involved in HSIF where I am in charged of the economics and I am also a part of the board."

"I have come to know a lot of people I wouldn't have met elsewhere because of HSIF and got experience that made me grow as a human being."

"I think my involvement brings more depth to my resume but it's not the main objective."

Amanda Stenholm

Amanda Stenholm, Sport science student

"Right now I am sitting as the chairman of the board for HOVmästarna, a programme association."

"I felt something was missing, so together with a few other students, I was involved in starting HOVmästarna."

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