Vice-Chancellor: Important with understanding and patience

Halmstad Univeristy Vice-Chancellor Stephen Hwang writes to all students because of the situation around the corona virus, which now has a great impact on teaching and calls, for patience and understanding.

Vice-Chancellor portrait. Photo.

Vice-Chancellor Stephen Hwang.

Today, in the morning, the Public Health Agency announced that it is recommending all universities to shift to distance education. The Prime Minister and the Minister for Higher Education and Research emphasised the importance of universities following these recommendations. Because of this, I have decided that as of tomorrow we will shift to distance education. All campus-based examinations will be cancelled.

This is an exceptional situation for all of us and we must try to adapt as well as we possibly can. For us at Halmstad Univeristy, it is important to make sure that you as a student can continue your studies as normal as possible, but now in the form of distance education. Your teacher will contact you as soon as possible with information on how your teaching and examinations will be conducted from now on. There are most likely many questions that arise and your teacher may not have an answer to everything right away. Please be patient, we work to solve problems in the best way we can!

In times like these, it is important to try to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is a situation that will pass, even if it most likely will take a while.