Utexpo for participants

Are you going to exhibit your graduation project at Utexpo 2020? Here you will find practical information.

Utexpo 2020

This year, the University's traditional graduation fair is being held digitally for the first time ever. Welcome to share innovation and inspiration for a sustainable future!

Utexpo 2020

The Utexpo catalogue

The Utexpo catalogue will be published on hh.se. When you submit your project you have the opportunity to provide brief information (max 1500 characters) about what your project is about. Keep in mind that it is the information that you provide in your application that will be visible in the catalogue. Discuss your text with your supervisor before submitting it. The catalogue will be published on June 3.


Each project should record a pitchmovie in 3-5 minutes as part of its examination. This must present the parts of the project and be sent to the Communication Department no later than May 26. The pitch (film) is preferably done in the form of a powerpoint presentation with a recorded soundtrack, but it is okay to do in other ways as long as the films are easy to access and they can be uploaded.

The communications department uploads the films on Kaltura and creates a playlist per program. The link to each program's playlist is sent from the communications department to the program manager. The link will also be published on the University's website on June 3.

If your project is affected by privacy, send your pitch film directly to the examiner. It is not uploaded on Kaltura.

Name your file with your first name, last name and program: anna-persson-utvecklingsingenjör. Then upload the file to your OneDrive. Email the link to the communications department.

If you or any other person appears on the image in the movie, you must authorize it to be published. In such cases, write in your email that the movie contains identifiable persons. You will then receive a reply email with a form for GDPR approval and further instructions.

Email the link to your pitch film to christa.amnell@hh.se.

Read more about OneDrive



The examination is carried out through presentations held in Zoom or in Teams. You book the actual time with the examiner.

Presentation skills

A workshop will in digital presentation technology will be hold in Swedish on Tuesday, May 12 and in English on Thursday, May 14 between 12-12:45. You will be able to find the events in the student calendar.

Scholarship award

The scholarship awards will be made through an article on hh.se. The article will include a recorded speech from the chancellor and a recorded greeting from alumni, as well as a list of all scholarship recipients. The scholarship list will also be sent out as a press release. If you win a scholarship, you will have your prize and diploma sent home afterwards. We will also ask you to fill out a form where you tell us more about your project, so that we can write an article about it. Of course, this is completely voluntary.