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Designing an educational curriculum for the digital future : an international master in "Digital Service Innovation”

Åkesson, Maria, Thomsen, Michel

Konferensbidrag (Refereegranskat)


This paper presents the design of an international master’s curriculum in Digital Service Innovation. Digitalization and the rapid development in information technology (IT) are fundamentally reshaping society. This development brings with it an increasing need for mastery of digital service innovation. The international master's program Digital Service Innovation addresses this need by studying digitalization, digital resources for value creation, and educating students in how to design innovative digital services. Digital Service Innovation is a two-year master’s program focused on sustainable value creation. Year one focuses on the concept of innovation and design driven problems solving. Year two focuses on conceptualization, design of digital services. The final degree project gives students the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in a design study, interacting with companies and public authorities. This is expected to improve the students' ability to understand how digital service innovation is connected to business requirements, and identify new digital services or applications. All to prepare students for working professionally in the field of digital service innovation.

Nyckelord: Master’s curriculum; digital service innovation; sustainability; critical thinking; ethics

Citera: Åkesson, Maria & Thomsen, Michel, Designing an educational curriculum for the digital future: an international master in "Digital Service Innovation”, EDULEARN18 Proceedings., s. 6317-6323, 2018