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Integrating Engineering Design and Design Analysis Activities at an Operational Level

Eriksson, Martin, Bjärnemo, Robert, Motte, Damien, Petersson, Håkan

Conference paper (Refereegranskat)


Computer-based design analysis is nowadays of utmost importance in most engineering design projects. However, this brings some challenges, among them that of the collaboration between engineering designers and design analysts. Since they work with, and are responsible for, different areas, they do not necessarily have full insight into each other’s way of working. The issue of integration between the design analysis process and the engineering design process is thus of major significance for providing an increase in efficiency and effectiveness in engineering design and development of products. In this work, an approach is proposed aiming at providing this increase in efficiency and effectiveness. Based on the analysis of the information workflow between the engineering design process and the design analysis process, a mapping of the necessary interactions between engineering designers and design analysts can be made. The presented approach facilitates this mapping. An application of this approach to an industrial project is also presented.

Key words: Design analysis process model; computer-based design analysis; engineering design process model; integration; workflow

Cite: Eriksson, Martin, Bjärnemo, Robert, Motte, Damien & Petersson, Håkan, Integrating engineering design and design analysis activities at an operational level, Proceedings of the 11th International Workshop on Integrated Design Engineering - IDE Workshop'17., s. 69-80, 2017http://portal.research.lu.se/ws/files/26638924/08_Eriksson_Bj_rnemo_Motte_Petersson_Integrating_Engineering_Design_and_Analysis_Methods_IDE_WS_2017_69_80.pdf