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Staff at Halmstad University

Antonia Liess

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Research environment

RLAS - The Rydberg Laboratory for Applied Sciences

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Wetland optimization Wetlands can remove nitrogen from agricultural runoff. However, under which circumstances, maintenance regime, and age, wetlands function best still needs to be further researched. We will answer these question in collaboration with Stefan Weisner, Josefine Nilsson (ETN) and Eva Hammarström (Kalmarlän). Diatom malformation index We develop a diatom species composition and diatom malformation index as an indicator of pesticide contamination in collaboration with Helena Spångfors (Halmstad), Maria Kahlert (SLU Uppsala) and researchers from the UFZ in Leipzig (M. Schmitt, M. Liess and S. Knillmann). Microplastics We examine the environmental distribution of microplastics from different sources. Soccer fields with artificial lawns contain rubber granulates that are readily spread into the adjacent waterways (see link). We further examine the distributions of microplastic contamination in two lakes, Lake Bolmen and Lake Vomb.

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