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About a third of the control panel on the organ in Stephan Dome cathedral, Vienna. #interactiondesign #buttons https://t.co/El7QLJSeap
Thu Dec 05 07:17:55 +0000 2019

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Pontus is a senior Interaction Designer with 15+ years of work experience. For his PhD dissertation he studied design and development of user-adaptive recommender systems and has worked with digital service innovation at several companies, including Nokia, Volvo Cars, CP+B, and Astra Zeneca. In 2016, Pontus joined design agency inUse as Director of Service Design. Currently, Pontus is pursuing an academic career at Halmstad University, researching and teaching as Associate Professor. He led the design and creation of the Bachelor program Digital Design and Innovation given at the Informatics department from 2013. Specialties and Interests: User experience, Service Design, Human-Computer Interaction, AI, Language Technology, Methodology and Process Development, Sketching, Interactive prototyping, User Modeling, Dialogue Systems, Personalization, Usability, Pedagogy and Learning.


My research on digital service innovation combines theorizing (identifying e.g. models, patterns, structures, relations) with applied and action oriented research in co-creation with industrial and public sector partners. I study innovation and design processes, participatory methods in Service Design in the intersection between digital services, business, and human values.

In particular, my research centers around participatory design of services for health, and takes a holistic view on both the physical and the digital service landscape.


Informatics, Interaction Design, Service Design, Digital Design and Sustainability, Design Theory.

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