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CLKS - Center for teaching, culture and society

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Society and communication


My Ph.D. dissertation deals with the question of why is freedom of speech valuable in relation to democracy. The point of departure for the dissertation is based in four important arguments that support freedom of speech which are all proven to express a common value and starting grounds. The conclusion of my work is that the reason why freedom of speech is so important is related to the fact that it furthers a reliable communication process. It’s a process that exposes the citizens for ideas and opinions that they themselves would not have come in contact with by own choice. The value of freedom of speech rests therefore in informational diversity and the fact that through it citizens are exposed to unexpected, dislikeable and un-elective information.


Developments in Modern Social Science within Basic Course in Social Science and Communication

Political theory, Political Philosophy and Politics and Public Administration within Political Science (1-30 credits)

Text analysis and idea analytic methods within Political Science (31-60 credits)

Practical democracy within Social Studies for Teachers (31-60 credits)

Current Problems in Political Science within Political Science (61-90 credits)

Supervision of undergraduate theses


Doctor in Political Science

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