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Patients treated for psychosis and their perceptions of care in compulsory treatment : basis for an action plan

Andreasson, E., Skärsäter, Ingela

Artikel i tidskrift (Refereegranskat)


The purpose of the study was to describe patients' conceptions and experiences of care in compulsory treatment for acute onset of psychosis. Twelve patients with experience of compulsory treatment were interviewed in 2008-2009, and phenomenographic analysis was used to analyse the data. Two descriptive categories emerged in the results: receiving needed support and perceiving respectful care. Patients perceived that coercive interventions were positive if they were given good care, if they were given the shelter they needed, if they got help with understanding and if the setting was healing. Patients felt respected if they were treated like human beings, if they were allowed to retain as much of their autonomy as possible and if they were invited to participate even though they were under compulsory treatment. The results show that it is important to prevent patients from being traumatized during compulsory treatment and to take advantage of patients' inner resources. Patients' experiences of compulsory treatment can form the basis for preparing an individual action plan for future compulsory treatment. Individual action plans could empower patients during compulsory treatment and improve their experience of care.

Nyckelord: Caring; Coercion; Mental health; Nursing; Qualitative methodology

Citera: Andreasson, E. & Skärsäter, Ingela, Patients treated for psychosis and their perceptions of care in compulsory treatment: basis for an action plan., Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing., 19, s. 15-22, 2012