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Persons living with bipolar disorder : Their view of the illness and the future

Jönsson, Patrik Dahlqvist, Wijk, Helle, Skärsäter, Ingela, Danielson, Ella

Artikel i tidskrift (Refereegranskat)


The aim of this study is to describe the meaning of living with bipolar disorder (BD) based on individuals' views of the illness and their future. Interviews were conducted with 18 participants who resided in Sweden and had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Qualitative content analysis was employed. The findings revealed that daily life of those with BD was characterized by insecurity and challenges of accepting, understanding, and managing the illness. Increased hope of being able to influence the condition and receiving support to achieve a stable structure in life facilitates the management of daily life. Further research is needed on the next of kins' experiences of living with persons with BD. Copyright © Informa Healthcare USA, Inc.

Nyckelord: adaptive behavior; adolescent; adult; article; attitude to health; bipolar disorder; comprehension; cost of illness; daily life activity; female; forecasting; human; male; methodology; middle aged; morality; nursing methodology research; psychological aspect; qualitative research; questionnaire; self care; self concept; social psychology; social support; socioeconomics; Sweden; uncertainty

Citera: Jönsson Dahlqvist, Patrik, Wijk, Helle, Skärsater, Ingela, Danielson, Ella, Jönsson, Patrik Dahlqvist, Skärsäter, Ingela & Dahlqvist Jönsson, Patrik, Persons living with bipolar disorder: Their view of the illness and the future, Issues in Mental Health Nursing., 29:11, s. 1217-1236, 2008