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Major depression in a family : What happens and how to manage - a case study

Ahlström, Britt Hedman, Skärsäter, Ingela, Danielson, Ella

Artikel i tidskrift (Refereegranskat)


Major depression challenges the ways of living for both individuals and families. The aim of this study was to describe what happens and how to manage major depression in a family. The case in this paper is a family with a mother who is suffering major depression and her son and daughter. Narrative interviews and qualitative content analysis were conducted. The findings revealed six themes: "a stealthy intruder," "moving slowly to helplessness," "saving the situation," "protecting oneself and others," "conveying things that are beyond words," and the "dispersal of shadows." These themes elucidated the family members' varying views of depression and the unique ways they managed the situation.

Citera: Hedman Ahlström, Britt, Skärsäter, Ingela, Danielson, Ella B. & Ahlström, B H, Major depression in a family: What happens and how to manage - A case study, Issues in Mental Health Nursing., 28:7, s. 691-706, 2007