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Teachers’ use of hybrid contexts as a means for negotiating the science content

Granklint Enochson, Pernilla, Davidsson, Eva

Konferensbidrag (Refereegranskat)


Previous research studies have pointed to the benefits of involving students’ everyday life experiences for enhanced learning and positive attitudes towards school science. This study explores in what ways teachers relate other contexts to the school science context as a means to facilitate the negotiation of the presented scientific content. This means that we explore how teachers introduce other societal contexts (e.g. references to media or a narrative) and by that create hybrid contexts when introducing their science lessons. In all, 490 minutes of lesson introduction in Swedish grade nine classes were analyzed. The results reveal that the number of situations where the teachers created hybrid contexts was low, only 67 situations. However, if categorizing the situations these could be referred into five main categories, media, narratives, everyday-life experiences, linguistic references and other school subjects. The most common way to use hybrid contexts was to refer to every-day life. Only two references to actual topics in media were found indicating that the lesson introductions are far from considering the relation between science, news reporting and current novelties. However, the most striking results from this study are the absence of other contexts and hybrid contexts when introducing the science content.

Nyckelord: hybride kontext; teacher; grade 9

Citera: Granklint Enochson, Pernilla & Davidsson, Eva, Teachers’ use of hybrid contexts as a means for negotiating the science content, ESERA 2017 Conferencebook., 2017http://www.esera2017.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/ESERA-2018-Printed-Programme-14.8.17.pdf