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Designerly Ways of Teaching and Learning : A Course Structure for Interaction Design

Wärnestål, Pontus, Lindqvist, Mats

Artikel i tidskrift (Refereegranskat)


Society´s use of increasingly complex information technology is, in a long-term perspective, shaped by the way we train our future designers and developers of information systems. By preparing students for practice on the field, in complex use-contexts, we aim to help student’s bridge theory and practice, thereby helping them incorporate procedural knowledge and reflective practice in their skill repertoire. This paper presents a new course structure founded on active, contextual, and peer-based formative learning. Based on student and teacher reflections from two implementations of a course in Interaction Design, we find that our approach enhances the students’ understanding, and assimilation, of the reflective aspect of interaction design practice.

Nyckelord: interaction design; design practice; reflective learning; procedural knowledge

Citera: Wärnestål, Pontus & Lindqvist, Mats, Designerly Ways of Teaching and Learning: A Course Structure for Interaction Design, Journal of Learning in Higher Education., 9:1, s. 179-188, 2013http://jwpress.com/JLHE/Issues/JLHE-2013-Spring.pdf