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SwingPingis ‒ An innovative and norm critical physical activity aid for everyone, everywhere

Kristén, Lars, Ring, Mikael

Artikel i tidskrift (Refereegranskat)


Many children with disabilities face the risk of illness by being excluded from physical education. The purpose of this article is to investigate an open collaborative innovation that can contribute to more inclusive elements in physical education, resulting in a better quality of education for children and youths with a disability. The question asked here is whether performative, bodily, geographical, norm critical and collaborative aspects involved in the use of an innovative aid called Swing Table Tennis (SwingPingis), has any impact on teachers’ perception of inclusion and well-being for the children using the innovation. The methods used in this study are interviews of children with disabilities and their physical education teachers, combined with participant observations carried out during classes using the tool. The findings indicate children and teachers perceive the tool as a means to an embodied, creative part of collaboration and involvement during the lesson, as well as in the teaching of the subject Physical Education. Children perceived SwingPingis as an opportunity to get motor training and build bodily capacities to perform, which in turn were reported as a feeling of the joy in movement. Teachers emphasize SwingPingis usefulness and accessibility. It is an asset in teaching as well as enabling and complementing other motor training in teaching.

Nyckelord: Children; disability; embodied physical education; norm critical innovation; health technology

Citera: Kristén, Lars & Ring, Mikael, SwingPingis ‒ An innovative and norm critical physical activity aid for everyone, everywhere, European Journal of Adapted Physical Activity., 12:2, 2019https://doi.org/10.5507/euj.2019.013