Databases: K

  • Kompass

    Contains information about 1,8 million companies, 3.5 million employees, and over 700.000 brand names and agencies world wide. A self developed classification system containing approximately 50.000 headings over goods and services, translated to over 40 languages.

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  • KVK (Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog)

    It is not a national library catalogue. However, you can search in many german, primarely university libraries, library catalogues at once. You can also search in several foreign national library catalogues. A total of 75.000.000 titles are searchable.

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    KVINNSAM is part of the LIBRIS-database. KVINNSAM is an interdisciplinary database with swedish and foreign scientific references to literature on gender from the collections of Gothenburg´s university library. KVINNSAM contains approximately 100.000 references.

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