The overall aim of this research project is to improve the understanding of how commercialization and adoption of medical technology innovations in ecosystems can be accelerated. We also aim to develop empirically validated methods that are useful for MedTech firms in their development of viable business models.

Commercializing medical technology is challenging, often requiring a 10-20 year time horizon to bring new ideas to market and embed them in mainstream practice. There is a vital need for better conceptualization of health innovation firms’ alignment with key actors on whom they are dependent in the health innovation ecosystem. Challenges arising from time delays, misalignment of key ecosystem actors and resource constraints potentially amount to substantial losses in value, for both companies and healthcare systems.

Theoretically, we aim to contribute to the literature on the interactions between actors and their experience of logics, specifically actors operating in an institutionally complex field with high dependency on multiple actors. Hence, we depart from a health innovation ecosystem focus by emphasizing especially the synchronization and co-creation of shared logics.

The research will address the following research question:

How do we understand the processes for alignment between the logics of actors in a health innovation ecosystem for accelerating the commercialization and adoption of medical technology innovations?

We will use different methodologies and techniques (e.g. repertory grid methodology, business models canvas/stakeholder canvas and design thinking) to understand how individuals and groups of actors think and act according to their roles in the ecosystem. Together with the companies, their main healthcare customers, investors and selected experts, we will develop viable business models and roadmaps that will help accelerate commercialization and adoption of medical technology innovations.