Health and Lifestyle

15 credits

Health and lifestyle is an interdisciplinary course in which the student should after completion acquire an in-depth knowledge of various theoretical and empirical (individual, group, organization and social/societal) perspectives on people's health and lifestyle choices. The course covers both critical and applied perspectives on issues related to health and lifestyle. It treats, based on an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to health, structural, cultural and individual factors' importance for health and people's perceptions thereof, as well as the distribution of health in the population. The causes of inequality in health, e.g. socio-economic differences and gender, as well as participation and empowerment are important themes. Furthermore, responsibilities and actions to influence and promote people's health and lifestyle choices (e.g. through diet, physical activity and exercise) are discussed. The course also deals with various forms of mediated health, communication and digitalisation of health and lifestyle issues. It raises e.g. questions concerning the role of media and ICT in health development and everyday life. Teaching is concentrated in time and focused around a few two-day retreats and single full days of teaching and examination.

Autumn 2019 (Campus based, Halmstad, 50%)


Graduate level

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Entry requirements:

A second cycle degree (including a second cycle thesis of 30 credits) within a field relevant to the subject of health and lifestyle.

Selection rules:

Restricted admission

Start week:

week: 45

Instructional time:


Language of instruction:

Teaching is in English.