Collaboration and strategy – a winning concept for profile area Smart Cities and Communities

For the second time, the University has put together an annual report with activities and happenings within the profile area Smart Cities and Communities. The 2019 edition includes examples from the past year, and a look into what 2020 will bring.

”We are very much looking forward to developing the profile area during 2020!”

Magnus Jonsson

Progress is constant within the profile area, and during 2019 a lot happened that helped it grow even more. For example, the University’s annual innovation conference was held, this time with the theme smart cities and communities. There were also several projects going on within the profile area's focus areas, Smart Mobiliy and Smart Energy. Two of these projects are SafeSmart and ISOV, which are both based on collaboration with external partners.

A big part of the profile area is about collaborating with the surrounding society, and a lot of what is done within the profile area is based on local needs and conditions.

“Collaboration is important, and during 2019 we did a lot of work with establishing connections and listening to the community’s needs. We will continue doing this in 2020”, says Kristian Widén, Deputy Programme Manager for the profile area Smart Cities and communities.

omslag katalog

Development for the future

During 2020, the work with developing the profile area continues. For example, identifying a new focus area within the profile area.

“We are very much looking forward to developing the profile area during 2020. We are focusing on working strategically and identifying another focus area that is more human centred than the already established ones; Smart Mobility and Smart Energy”, says Magnus Jonsson, Programme Manager for Smart Cities and Communities, about the development of the profile area.




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