Computer Vision in 3D

7,5 credits

The student shall acquire knowledge and skills for applications of multidimensional computer vision, primarily image sequences of space taken in time and/or from different views. A further objective is to introduce the current research applications and that the student acquires a deeper understanding of the subject.

After completing the course, the student shall be able to

  • use the methods for motion, and geometry estimation
  • use the methods of classification in image analysis problems
  • analyse and evaluate methods and solutions of image analysis applications

Spring 2023 (Campus based, Halmstad, 50%)


Advanced level

Application code:


Entry requirements:

Bachelor of Science degree (or equivalent) in an engineering subject or in computer science. Courses in computer science, computer engineering or electrical engineering of at least 90 credits, including thesis. Courses in mathematics of at least 30 credits or courses including calculus, linear algebra and transform methods. The course Image analysis 7,5 credits.

Selection rules:

Available for exchange students. Limited numbers of seats.

Start week:

week: 03

Instructional time:


Language of instruction:

Teaching is in English.

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