Admission letter

You will find your admission letter (notification of selection results) at the University Admissions webpage. Below you can find out more about how to deal with the information.

Understanding your results

The following terms may appear next to the courses and programmes you applied to in your Notification of Selection Results:

  • Admitted means that you are offered a place in the course or programme.
  • Reserve or Res – means that you are not admitted. You have been placed on a waiting list for a place in the programme or course. If the students who have been admitted to the programme turn down the offer, we can admit some of the reserve students. Most of these positions only become available at the very beginning of the semester.
  • Deleted – means that you did not meet the entry requirements. The reason for not meeting the entry requirements could include missing documents, verification difficulties or insufficient knowledge of English. The term 'Deleted' may also mean that you have been offered a place in a course or study programme you gave higher priority to in your application.
  • Late applications will be marked 'Not processed'.

Official copy of your admission letter

Your notification is available online as a printable PDF file, so no hard copy is sent by regular mail. The print-out serves as the official document and should be used when you need to present an official copy of your admission or results.

Replying to your admission letter

If you applied to the first round for the autumn or spring semester (application deadlines 15 January and 15 August), you do not need to reply to your offer at the University Admissions webpage. Further information regarding registration, accommodation, introduction, etc. will be available at our studentweb.

If you decide not to attend the course/programme you have been offered a place in, please make sure to decline your offer at University Admissions. Log in to your account, go to 'Applications' and follow the instructions. You can also send an email to Halmstad University

It's important to decline your offer as soon as you know you will not be attending, in order for students on the reserve list to get a chance to be admitted.

Conditionally admitted

Students who are required to pay tuition fees will be listed as 'conditionally admitted' on their admission letter. Your status will still be listed as 'conditionally admitted' even after you've paid the tuition fee. This is because University Admissions computer system cannot record when a student has paid the first instalment of their tuition fee to their university.

Please note: There are other reasons why a student may have been conditionally admitted. If this is the case, you should receive information regarding what you need to do in order to finalise your acceptance.

Having any problems with: PASSWORD, PINCODE or DATE OF BIRTH? This needs to be addressed via University Admissions.

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