Profile area Smart Cities and Communities

The profile area Smart Cities and Communities at Halmstad University takes on the challenge of developing a smart and sustainable living environment for people.

Smart Cities and Communities aims to support a wide collaboration at the University within research and education as well as between research specialisations where the University meets challenges together with relevant actors, for example industry, city councils and regions.

Front page annual report Smart cities and communities with link to pdf

Annual Report 2018

The first annual report for the profile area Smart Cities and Communities summarises activities
since the inauguration in 2016 – with a focus on 2018.

Interdisciplinary and Sustainability

The profile area is interdisciplinary and built on existing strong research environments, with special attention to innovative and sustainable solutions for the industry and the region, to be able to meet challenges for the development of towns and communities. The main point of the profile area is small and medium sized towns and communities.

The profile area Smart Cities and Communities creates sustainability through the use of information and communication technology. Sustainable in this regard is understood as sustainable from three perspectives; economically sustainable, socially sustainable and environmentally sustainable. This means that all activities within the profile area need to be linked to one or more of the UN's 17 sustainable development goals.

Virtual city with buildings connected by light beams. Illustration.

Focus within the profile area

Focus within Smart Cities and Communities is primarily on Smart Mobility and Smart Energy. Examples of activities also exist within the sub-areas Smart Education, Smart Buildings and Smart Health, the latter also being part of the University's other profile area, Health Innovation.

Smart Cities and Communities is one of the two University profile areas, and the latest one to be established. The other is Health Innovation.