Profile area Smart Cities and Communities

Smart Cities and Communities is a university wide profile area. It includes all research, education and collaboration that is conducted within smart cities and communities at the University. The focus areas are Smart Mobility and Smart Energy, in small and medium sized cities. Many aspects of the profile area include working with businesses and the surrounding society, and taking local conditions into consideration.

Research in collaboration within smart cities and communities

Collaboration when doing research is important in order til develop society. Collaborations between different disciplines and organisations make it possible to achieve real improvement and change. The research at Halmstad University is internationally renowned and conducted within the University’s innovation and research environments.

The profile area Smart Cities and Communities at Halmstad University takes on the challenge of developing a smart and sustainable living environment for people.

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Education within smart cities and communities

A large part of the education at Halmstad University is permeated with Smart Cities and Communities. It is partly about how smart cities and communities work, and about how we are going to get there. The education includes basic, advanced and research level.

The University has the right to award doctorates in three different areas: Information Technology, Innovation Sciences, and Health and Lifestyle.

Industrial research schools within Smart Cities and Communities

Embedded and Intelligent Systems Industrial Graduate School (EISIGS)

UPGRADE (In Swedish)

National industrial research school within Smart Industry

In the spring of 2020, a new industrial research school called Smart Industry Sweden will start at Halmstad University, University West, University of Skövde, Jönköping University and Mid Sweden University in close collaboration with the Knowledge Foundation. It will be the largest industrial research school in Sweden within the Smart Industry area. It is aimed at companies that want to strengthen their competitiveness by shaping future key people for industrial development with new valuable skills linked to Smart Industry.

More information can be found on the Smart Industry Sweden website:

Smart Industry Swedenexternal link

Summer schools within Smart Cities and Communities

DCH+ summer school 2020

Basic and advanced level education

Within the area of smart cities and communities, the University offers several programmes and courses on basic and advanced level. There are for example Master’s programmes in energy smart innovation in the built environment, embedded and intelligent systems and digital service innovation.

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About profile area Smart Cities and Communities

Smart Cities and Communities aims to support a wide collaboration at the University within research and education as well as between research specialisations where the University meets challenges together with relevant actors, for example industry, city councils and regions.

The profile are Smart Cities and Communities is well in line with the University being the innovation driven university.

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