2020 Swedish Summer School on Cyber-Physical Systems

The Swedish Summer School on Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) brings together leaders from industry and academia to introduce researchers to current hot topics in the area. The summer school is arranged by Halmstad University and KTH, and is aimed at professionals from the industry and academia, including doctoral students.

Postponed until the summer of 2021

Contact Stella Erlandsson, stella.erlandsson@hh.se, for more information.

Summer School Speakers 2020

Kim Guldstrand Larsen, Aalburg University: Safe and Optimal Cyber-Physical Systems

Erik Herzog, Saab: Industrial challenges in CPS development and operation

Marta Kwiatkowska, University of Oxford: Safety and Robustness for Deep Learning with Provable Guarantees

Wojciech Mostowski, Halmstad University: Low-level validation of code in cyber-physical systems

Mattias Nyberg, Scania: Theory of safety-critical systems engineering

Monica Ringvik, AstaZero: Verification of active safety and autonomous vehicles

Kristin Yvonne Rozier, Iowa State University: Linear Temporal Logic Symbolic Model Checking

Walid Taha, Halmstad University: Modeling Cyber Physical systems

Johan Thunberg, Halmstad University: Dynamical systems meet communication: a safety analysis

Martin Törngren, KTH: Challenges and opportunities in an era of smart CPS-perspectives and reflections on a socio-technical shift

Individual photos of 10 men and women

Speakers at the Swedish Summer School on Cyber-Physical Systems, June 8–12, 2020.

Previous Summer Schools on Cyber-Physical Systems

”The summer school had a good mix of topics and lectures. We also got a lot of time for networking, especially during the social events, which has been very good. I definitely recommend the Summer School on Cyber-Physical systems for PhD students and industrialists in the field.”

Henric Andersson, one of the speakers during the 2017 Summer School and an Aeronautical Engineer at SAAB Aeronautics. 

A group of people standing in front of the Halmstad University main entrance. Photo.

Halmstad is a town on the Swedish west coast, known for its great beaches and good summer vibes. Halmstad University is situated close to the city center and the train station.