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Health innovation at Halmstad University – innovations for future health

Sweden and the rest of the world are facing health challenges and it takes innovation and ingenuity to sustain and develop our health and welfare for the future.

Health innovation at Halmstad University is a part of the University’s strategic area Health Innovation and will soon enter its third year with two EU financed projects, several research and innovation projects in collaboration as well as university wide and interdisciplinary education programmes for students and researchers.

Halmstad University’s venture Health innovation at Halmstad University will contribute with innovative and sustainable solutions on societal challenges in the health area and in the long run strengthen Halland’s position as the best place to live.

The strategic area Health Innovation will also strengthen the University’s profile as the innovation driven university and contribute to increased welfare and growth. The venture includes research, education and collaboration between the University, private enterprise and public sector.

"Innovation happens in the meeting of different areas of knowledge, skills and experience. Being innovative implies fostering new ideas, behaviours and approaches. Everybody can encourage innovation in their work by being innovative in their tasks. It is also through innovative and creative thinking that we develop new knowledge that leaves its mark on society."

From Halmstad University's Vision and Research and Education Strategy

Health Innovation at Halmstad University

Health Innovation at Halmstad University is a university wide concept that meets the health challenges through a complete academic environment where interaction between research, education and collaboration is created, internally as well as with community partners.

Health innovations that are developed will be need-oriented, sustainable, create value and contribute to equal development for individuals, organisations and society.

Strategic ventures at Halmstad University

Health Innovation at Halmstad University is a part of the strategic area Health innovation, which is meant to meet the health challenges of the future and is one of two strategic ventures at Halmstad University.

The other venture is the strategic initiative Smart Cities and Communities – SCC – that started in 2016 and accepts the challenge of developing a smart and sustainable living environment for people.

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