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Databaser: United States Patents Office (USPTO)

  • USPTO Patent full-text databases

    The Web Patent Full-Text Database (PatFT) contains the full-text of over 3,000,000 patents from 1976 to the present, plus limited bibliographic data for over 4,000,000 patents from 1790 to 1975. It provides links to the Web Patent Full-Page Images Database (PatImg), which contains over 70,000,000 images, including every page of over 7,000,000 patents from 1790 to the most recent issue week. The Web Patent Databases now serve over 25,000,000 pages of text (over 150,000,000 hits) per month to over 350,000 customers (distinct IP addresses, each of which might represent many individual users) each month. The Web Patent Databases serve over 36,000,000 full-page images each month.

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