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Kompetens i klassrumsbedömning – en studie av lärares reflektioner om videodokumenterad undervisning

Thornberg, Fredrik

Licentiatavhandling, monografi (Övrigt vetenskapligt)


There is a tendency to view teachers´ assessment literacy from a deficit perspective, and teachers existing practices are rarely used as a source of knowledge about assessment. Instead of treating teachers as being to some extent experts on assessment, the domain of assessment literacy is primarily represented by viewing researchers as “experts”. In this study teachers´ assessment literacy is approached from an asset perspective. The knowledge and skills that teachers possess can contribute to the description and understanding of classroom assessment literacy.

The overall aim of the study is to develop knowledge about teachers’ classroom assessment literacy. Studying teachers' collective reflections about assessment, in relation to video-recorded teaching situations, is used to approach the question of what classroom assessment and assessment literacy actually mean. Three primary schools and eleven teachers, heterogeneous regarding age, sex, education and experience, are involved in the study. 

The results indicate three themes to describe teachers´ classroom assessment literacy: focus on the intention of assessment, focus on the enactment of assessment and focus on the conclusion of assessment. The study shows that teachers have the competence to conduct and use assessment as an integral part of teaching. An overall conclusion is that assessment literate teachers invite students to share power and responsibility in assessment processes. The three themes can be seen as a process of developing, implementing and using assessments, which requires a holistic approach to learning, teaching and assessment.

Nyckelord: Classroom assessment; assessment literacy; teachers; asset perspective; video stimulated reflections; thematic analysis

Citera: Thornberg, Fredrik, Kompetens i klassrumsbedömning – en studie av lärares reflektioner om videodokumenterad undervisning, Göteborgs universitet, Göteborg, 2015