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Using Facebook as a Co-learning Community in Higher Education

Cuesta, Marta, Eklund, Monica, Rydin, Ingegerd, Witt, Ann-Katrin

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Students’ cultural capital plays a major role in their success in higher education. In Sweden today, many students come from diverse cultural, social and educational backgrounds. Knowledge of requirements in academic systems differs widely. Some students feel insecure about how to interpret academic codes, thus weakening these students’ opportunities for academic success. The major goal of this project was to lay the groundwork for a more equal educational system. Using social media, in this case conversations (e.g., chats) in a closed forum on Facebook monitored by a tutor, we aimed to improve student integration into academic culture. We differentiated two central themes related to student conversations on Facebook: (1) Access to academic habituscracking codes and (2) Emancipation by co-learning – extended academic codes. It was found that students participating in study groups created on Facebook learnt to better crack and extend the codes extant in university studies. © 2015 Taylor & Francis

Nyckelord: higher education; academic codes; Facebook; diverse backgrounds; broaden recruitment

Citera: Cuesta, Marta, Eklund, Monica, Rydin, Ingegerd & Witt, Ann-Katrin, Using Facebook as a Co-learning Community in Higher Education, Learning, Media & Technology., 41:1, s. 55-72, 2016