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Innovative Pedagogical Methods in Higher Education

Cuesta, Marta, Eklund, Monica, Rydin, Ingegerd, Witt, Ann-Katrin

Konferensbidrag (Refereegranskat)


The objective of this paper is to critically reflect about the results from a pilot study, in which Facebook was used as a co-learning community. A communicative tool or arena for discussing educational matters in order to facilitate for students with diverse backgrounds to reach better understanding on academic culture and knowledge production. In the pilot study we worked with a “consciousness-raising” pedagogy for encouraging and supporting students to cooperate with each other, and by the use of Facebook as a platform. The development of these pedagogical view and method can be seen as providing equal opportunities, by generating better results in higher education studies. The project is supposed to contribute to knowledge concerning more profound issues associated to ideas of democracy and empowerment connected to change and development in academic cultures. The central questions to be answered are: What means by “co-learning community” by Facebook? How does this tool stimulate students to be more confident and as a consequence, reach a better understanding about the ways into “break down” obstacles, in terms of academic cultural codes? How does it is expressed by the students in terms of benefit?

Nyckelord: pedagogy; inovation; facebook; co-learing; student

Citera: Cuesta, Marta, Eklund, Monica, Rydin, Ingegerd & Witt, Ann-Katrin, Innovative Pedagogical Methods in Higher Education, 2013