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"It's easier to read on the Internet - you just click on what you want to read..." : Abilities and skills needed for reading on the Internet

Rasmusson, Maria, Eklund, Monica

Artikel i tidskrift (Refereegranskat)


Today's youth spend a lot of time on the Internet where they meet a multimodal world. The focus in the present study has been on the skills and abilities needed for on-line reading. This study explores reading on the Internet, with pairs of Swedish students aged 10 and 15. The pairs completed tasks on the Internet and these sessions were video-taped. Five main categories of skills and abilities were found: traditional literacy, multimodal literacy, path-finding, IT abilities, and information abilities. The results support earlier research in the field at large, and also add to the literature on on-line reading, in areas such as the crucial need for the ability to spell and knowing web address conventions in English. © 2012 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.

Nyckelord: Reading; Internet

Citera: Rasmusson, Maria & Eklund, Monica, “It’s easier to read on the Internet—you just click on what you want to read...”: Abilities and skills needed for reading on the Internet, Education and Information Technologies : Official Journal of the IFIP technical committee on Education., 18:3, s. 401-419, 2013