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Centrum för forskning om välfärd, hälsa och idrott (CVHI)


Åsa Roxberg, RN, RNT, Mc, PhD in caring science. She holds the position of professor since 1st January 2018 at Halmstad University, Halmstad. Former positions have been Programme Coordinator for Nursing study programme,Department of Health and Caring Sciences, Linnaeus University, Sweden. Since 2008 she has also held the postion of første amanuensis (ass.professor) at VID University College in Bergen. Åsa Roxberg has also been assistant professor at Mälardalen University. Sweden and has held a position as senior lecturer at Halmstad University. Åsa Roxberg has completed several doctoral courses in Caring Science, the philosophy of phenomenology and hermeneutics and ethics. She is well acquainted with qualitative research methodology, but has also been involved in quantitative research. She has also completed a course in supervising PhD students and how to teach in English.
Since the completion of her thesis her research has focused on the meaning of suffering and the relief of suffering during and in the aftermath of a natural disaster. Åsa Roxberg is the leader for a project, where this phenomenon is studied from different perspectives as well as a project “The health of space and place” focusing for example on architecture, (Centre for health care and architecture), residential architecture, public health, intensive care room and ontological aspects of health related to space and place. Åsa Roxberg is engaged in further research, the so called SAMMI project, concerning patients with CHD and their existing social network and need for social support, with a focus on marital and sexual life. Further, she is engaged in a “Dignity group”, a network collaboration which represents Norway (base), England and Sweden as well as a Norwegian network, Omsorgens grunnlag fenomen och villkor. Åsa Roxberg is also part of a research group which focus on existential issues, so called “eksistensforskargruppe” at VID University, Bergen. The group members represent the Nordic countries and England. She is also a member of to the EPICC network focusing on spiritual care. This research group represents many countries, most in Europe. She is also a referee for “Scand Journal of Caring Sciences” (twelve referee assignments), “Nursing Science and Research in the Nordic Countries” (two referee assignments), “International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Wellbeing” (six referee assignments) and “Primary Health Care Research & Development” (one referee assignment) and “Qualitative Health Research” (one referee assignment).
Further, Åsa Roxberg she has been the editor of the licentiate and other scientific publications at Linnaeus University, the Department of Health and Caring Sciences. She is also the selected guest editor 2019 for the International Journal of Qualitative Health and Wellbeing.
At present the scientific portfolio includes the thesis, “Caring and non caring consolation” and a number of peer-reviewed manuscripts published in range of International Journals, for example Medicine, Healthcare and Philosophy, Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences, Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being, the Canadian Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing (fourth name), Journal of Religion & Health, Journal of Palliative Nursing, The Arts in Psychotherapy, Journal of Crosscultural Gerontology, Journal of Aging Research, Radiography. Roxberg is editor of the anniversary book, “Vårdvetenskapliga vägskäl” (2008), School of Health and Caring Sciences, Linnaeus University as well as contributing to an anthology about Concepts of Caring Science (2012, 2017). Roxberg’s contribution is a chapter about consolation. She is also the author of a chapter in Stories of Dignity within Healthcare: Research, narratives and theories (2016). M&K Publishing, Keswick, England.
Her portfolio also includes supervision for master degree (two students have concluded their master) as well as being examinator for three international master thesis. One of her Phd student completed her doctoral theis in December 2012 and the Norweigan Phd student completed her doctoral thesis at Bergen University 2015 and recently Halmstad University (principal supervisor) 2018. Åsa Roxberg is principal supervisor for a doctoral student at Linneus University who is going to defend his thesis 25th May 2018. Roxberg has been a member of the internal reviewer group for doctoral thesis manuscripts on four occasions as well as on four occasions for licentiate degree manuscripts, all at School of Health and Caring Sciences, Linnaeus University. She is also elected member of examining committee at public defense of PhD dissertation and the examiner of two thesis at Linnaeus University. She was also the elected moderator of public defense of a thesis (2013) at Linnaeus University.
Åsa Roxberg was also the first opponent on the public defence of Anne Lise Holm’s doctoral thesis, August 28th-2009, Stavanger University, Norway.
Åsa Roxberg presented her research in Japan (ICN conference) 2007 and had an accepted abstract at the ICN conference in South Africa, 2009 and at the EACS (European Academy of Caring Science) conference in Borås, 2011. Further she presented her research in Denmark (Aarhus), 2006 and had an abstract accepted at the Nordic College of Caring Science conference in Helsinki, 2006, and presented her research at the 4th International Student Conference on spiritual care in Bergen, 2009. She also made a presentation of her research at the national conference for nurses in Stockholm, 2007 and at two national conferences of the Swedish rescue services agency, 2007 and at the third Nordic conference on Family focused nursing, Kalmar, 2010 (Linnaeus University). In 2013 and 2015 she was teaching at Rangsit University Bangkok, as part of the Linneus Palme project, as well as supervising her former doctoral student in Udani Thani province (2013) and Chang mai province (2015) in the northern part of Thailand were she also presented a paper at an international conference. The most recent presentation as well as opening on another presentation was at a Nordic conference, “Den nordiske velferdsstats tause omsorgsfelt”, held 8th and 9th November 2016 in Bergen, Norway.

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