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Halmstad University gives courses in cyber security for other universities

Cyber security is an increasingly important topic, not least for those styding IT. Expertise is needed in order to prevent the exceptional increase in cyber-attacks against public and private IT systems – and against the individual's digital identity. Halmstad University conducts both education and research in the field, and has been entrusted with providing cyber security courses for other universities in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia and Latvia.

One of the leading actors within cyber security courses is the Cisco Networking Academy. It is a collaboration between universities all over the world and the company Cisco Systems, which provides products and services in network and data communication.

”Halmstad University is a Cisco Instructor Training Center. That means that we have the right to educate both instructors and students within the various courses provided by the Cisco Networking Academy”, Malin Bornhager, responsible for the University's Bachelor's Programme in IT Forensics and Information Security, says.

Initiating collaboration for better education in cyber security

Cyber ​​security can be described as a collection of security measures, risk management methods, and techniques used to preserve digital confidentiality, accuracy, traceability and availability in order to prevent IT related crime. In early January, ten teachers from five different universities in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia and Latvia gathered at Halmstad University to become certified instructors of the latest Cisco course in cyber security.

”Cyber-attacks and other IT related crime is a real threat today. It is extremely important that we, who educate future employees within IT security, work together to be able to stay ahead of the criminals. In connection with the course certification, we have initiated a network for us teachers within IT security, so that we can exchange experiences and educational material, as well as discuss teaching methods”, Olga Torstensson, responsible for the University's Master's Programme in Network Forensics, says.

”The instructor training organised by Halmstad University and supported by Cisco will enable teaching students in the Nordic and Baltic region in our CCNA Cybersecurity Operations course. The course focuses on how to monitor, detect and respond to cyber security threats”, Karol Kniewald Partner Manager at EMEAR, Corporate Affairs, Cisco Systems, says.

Two of the participants were Vida Ahmadi and Anders Carlsson from Blekinge Institute of Technology. They teach IT security on educational programmes at both undergraduate and graduate level. Anders Carlsson has a background as a military officer before he changed carriers and defended his PhD in network security. He has worked extensively internationally, including in Russia and Ukraine, and is positive to the increased cooperation between universities: "It is difficult for an educational institution to have its own competence in this area, so it is important that we share competence with each other."

A dozen teachers from five different universities in the Nordic and Baltic countries gathered at Halmstad University to gain instructor competence in the new Cisco course CCNA Cybersecurity Operations. At the same time, they took the opportunity to share experiences and methods with each other in order to jointly develop new teaching material. The goal is to start a network with regular meetings.

Photo: IDA FRIDVALL (the top image shows Malin Bornhager and Olga Torstensson at Halmstad University)

IT related crime has increased by 949 percent

According to official crime statistics, the reported crimes with elements of IT (for example computer fraud, fraud committed with the aid of the Internet, data infringement) increased in total by 949 percent between the years 2006 and 2015 in Sweden. (Source: The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, report 2016:17, Elements of IT in criminal activity and the ability of the justice system to handle these).external link

We are happy that Cisco Networking Academy has given us the confidence to lead this course.

Malin Bornhager and Olga Torstensson (top image) in charge of the certification of instructors from other universities in the Nordic and Baltic countries in the new Cisco course in cyber security.

At the course, teachers from the following universities participated:

  • Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden
  • Business College Helsinki, Finland
  • Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
  • TEC Technical Education, Denmark
  • Transport and Telecommunication Institute, Latvia
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