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Education and collaboration in focus when the University's fifth Vice-Chancellor was inaugurated

In a ceremony on June 20, Stephen Hwang was inaugurated as Vice-Chancellor of Halmstad University. In his inauguration speech, he highlighted the University's unique laboratory environments and educations:

– We are going to create the best learning environments in the country and put education in focus.

The University's Bærtling lecture hall was filled to the last seat during the grand ceremony on June 20.

Stephen Hwang began his inauguration speech by thanking his predecessor Mikael Alexandersson for the changes made to profile the University and slim down the educational portfolio.

– It was forward-thinking and important, said Stephen Hwang and added that we will now think about the future and not rush into anything new.

Stephen Hwang expressed his wishes to consolidate the research through future strategic recruitments. He also announced the news that the Dean of the School of Health and Welfare, Anders Nelson, will be appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor with specific responsibilites for collaboration, internationalisation and innovation.

”Education and research equally important”

The newly inaugurated Vice-Chancellor also spoke of teachers who make a difference in the lives of their students and of how education in the academic world all too often stands in the shadow of research.

– Education and research is equally important. And for the developtment of society, education is even more important, said Stephen Hwang and added that Halmstad University should be proud of being a good educator.

– The students are what counts in the end.

Two out of four previous Vice-Chancellors attended, Romulo Enmark and Mikael Alexandersson, who both represent important eras in the University's 34 years of history.

Mikael Alexandersson predicted that the University, with ventures in digitalisation and collaboration, is well equipped to face a future that will demand a lot in those very areas.

Stephen Hwang was inaugurated as Vice-Chancellor of Halmstad University in a grand ceremony. Bild: EMELY NIEMI JONSSON

Piece of the puzzle

The speakers were in agreement that Stephen Hwang is the right person to continue the work and put together the jigsaw puzzle that creates a strong future.

– Stephen Hwang is now one of the pieces of our puzzle and we can continue building this together, said the Student Union chairperson Sandra Sandberg, who represented the students and was introduced as the most important speaker of the evening.


Photo: ANDERS ANDERSSON (unless otherwise stated)

Pro Vice-Chancellor Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson was the master of ceremonies and introduced Student Union chairperson Sandra Sandberg as the most important speaker of the evening.

State Secretary Karin Röding highlighted the University's work in with collaboration and public welfare in her speech.

Stephen Hwang received the Vice-Chancellor chain from the University's former Vice-Chancellor Mikael Alexandersson during the inauguration ceremony. Photo: EMELY NIEMI JONSSON

Stephen Hwang is the University's fifth Vice-Chancellor.

Harald Castler, chairman of the University Governing Board, emphasised the University's importance to the growth of the region.

Bærtling lecture hall was full during the grand inauguration ceremony.

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