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Thesis information

- subject selection

The thesis subject must be selected so that it is relevant for the education program as well as opportunity to show the students skills in using the knowledge for analysis and solution of a thesis task within direction of the program. The examiner does not accept theses that do not meet these criteria. The typical thesis is an analysis or synthesis investigation, related to an embedded system, a computer system, a computer program, a communication protocol, a robot, an electronic sensor, a controller, or the use of services or systems based on such techniques or innovations etc. The thesis may also consist of a survey investigation. Such an investigation shall be intended to be used as a basis for decisions in a company or organization.

Students are encouraged to select master thesis topics which are proposed at the different departments. Click here to view the proposals. The list will be updated by 15th of October. You are encouraged to contact concerned supervisors during the selection process for further information.

Each student needs to pick three proposals and email links to the webpages (in the preference order) to the course responsible (currently Slawomir Nowaczyk) by (new deadline) 29th of October.

The assignment of proposals will be done by (new date) 5th of November, and will be based on the following criteria:

  • Preferences
  • Backgrounds and grades (prerequisites)
  • Teamwork (for most proposals it's preferred to work in groups of two students)

The work can also be carried out in close cooperation with a company. Thus to find a project, identify a company or business area that you would like to work in and contact them (send them a presentation of yourself). Use contacts you already have, for example, the companies you worked for in the past. They may have several thesis project proposals.

The examiner or course responsible provide access to thesis proposals that emerge both from within the university and from companies. You might also get own ideas or ideas to contact companies from previous thesis on your program.

An information meeting about the thesis project is held in the study period before the thesis work begins. At that meeting the program responsible or the examiner may also provide suggestions for thesis projects.

Click here to view a list of thesis proposals offered by the different labs at the School of Information Technology.

Click here for contact information to examiners at the master programmes.

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