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Doctoral education in Information Technology

Employment as a doctoral student

Doctoral positions are available at Halmstad University to fund doctoral studies.  

Vacancies are advertised on "Vacant Positions" and in other places if decided.

The working hours shall normally be full-time (40 hours/week). A part-time position, over and above statutory leave of absence, is granted to a person who combines his/her studies with employment outside Halmstad University if this is of benefit to the doctoral student's education. Before such a part-time position can be granted, the main supervisor and the doctoral student shall agree on a plan for the future doctoral studies.


A doctoral student shall devote his/her time and effort primarily to personal doctoral studies. Employment at Halmstad University could include other duties, equivalent to a maximum of 20 per cent of the working time. The other duties shall essentially conist of of teaching on Halmstad University's undergraduate programmes. Other duties can also be included if they contribute to the doctoral student's development as a researcher.

Educational training

Doctoral students who teach on an undergraduate programme shall take a course in teaching in higher education or shall have acquired the equivalent know-how in another way.

Period of employment

The doctoral employment is limited in terms of time and a position may normally be held for a maximum of five years, although no longer than the equivalent of a full-time, four-year doctoral programme.
When a doctoral student is admitted to a licentiate degree programme, a position can normally be held for a maximum of three years although no longer than the equivalent of a two-year, full-time doctoral programme.
The first period of employment is for a maximum of one year. The two subsequent periods of employment can be up to a maximum of two years each. Prior to each new period of employment, the main supervisor and the follow-up committee shall consider whether the doctoral student has the prerequisites to continue his/her doctoral studies. Doctoral students who, after the first two periods of employment (1 + 2 years), are considered to have the prerequisites to pursue their doctoral studies successfully shall be given precedence over new applicants in order to continue their employment as a doctoral student when appointments are made.

If a doctoral student's position is to come to an end, he/she shall be notified in writing at least three months before the employment ceases (with consideration given, for example, to parental leave, absence due to sickness etc.).  
Employment can be extended for up to a maximum of eight years if there are acceptable reasons. In the case of statutory leave, employment shall be extended if the doctoral student requests this. Before an extension can be granted, the principal supervisor and the doctoral student shall prepare a joint plan for future doctoral studies.
A doctoral student who takes a doctoral degree in less than five years can hold the doctoral position for a maximum of one year after graduating (although no more than five years in total).
The head of department decides on extensions and the right to remain in a position after graduating.


Employed doctoral students' salaries are paid according to decided pre-defined levels. The levels correspond to the  students' progress in studies and research and are measured by the number of achieved credits. The main supervisor decides when the student has the credits needed to reach the next level. Levels are in steps of 60 credits.

Updated 2015-04-01