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Doctoral education in Information Technology

Doctoral degree, examination

To be awarded with a doctoral degree the thesis and its defence must be approved and the other elements that are included in the programme must be fulfilled.

General information (in Swedish and English) about the process is to be found on the Guidelines and forms webpage.

Doctoral thesis

The doctoral thesis must, at the doctoral eduction in Information Technology, be written in English. In exceptional cases it might be written in Swedish with a summary in English.

Notification and distribution of information

The doctoral student must report to the Managing Committee that he or she wishes to defend the thesis no later than three months prior to the planned date of the defence. An advance examination of the thesis is then to be made.
The doctoral student and the main supervisor propose a time and venue for the defence to the Managing Committee. The Managing Committee pre-approves the decision before the Faculty Board makes the final decision.
The thesis shall be available at Halmstad university three weeks prior to the defence and distributed within the university according to a list that's decided by the Faculty board. In addition to this, at least 10 copies shall be sent to equivalent institutions and other universities in Sweden three weeks prior to the defence. The doctoral student must write a list of these institutions and universities and hand it in, in due time, for the Faculty board to decide upon the distribution.


The defence is led by a chairperson. The chairman of the defence is appointed by the Faculty Board.

Faculty examiner (opponent)

The Faculty examiner shall be an associate professor (docent) or a professor, and is appointed by the Faculty Board.
Examining committee

The defence is either approved or rejected. The decision is made by an Examining Committee, which is appointed by the Faculty Board for each defence.

The Examining Committee:
- Consists normally of three members.
- The majority of the appointed members of the examining committee must come from another department at Halmstad university or from other universities. They must not have had any close connection to the doctoral student earlier.
- The members must have scientific expertise on a associate professor's (docent's) or professor's level.
- Equality aspects is to be observed.
- At least one deputy must be appointed.

The members of the Examining Committee are appointed by the Faculty Board.


The doctoral thesis shall be defended orally in English or Swedish at a public defence at the University.

The defence begins with a presentation from the faculty examiner situating the student´s work within its research field. In some cases, the examiner might even present the student´s work.
When the thesis is presented (by the student or the examiner), the examiner starts a discussion with the student in order to establish that the student indeed is capable of justifying and explaining his/her research. After that the members of the examining committee asks questions and finally the audience has the opportunity to ask questions.


After the defence, the examining committee retires to a private room. The committee appoints a chairperson within the committee. The faculty opponent and main supervisor must attend the examining committee's meeting and take part in its discussions although not in the decision. The chairperson of the defence may take part in the discussions.

The examining committee forms a quorum when all the members are present. The decision of the committee is the opinion held by the majority.  Reasons shall be given for failing a thesis. The committee decides if any reservations are to be reported.

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