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Digital Laboratory Centre – for creativity and laboratory teaching

The Digital Laboratory Centre (DLC) is a creative, high-technical, laboratory environment with a focus on teaching, creativity and culture. DLC is aimed to assist researchers, teachers, students, organisations as well as companies, and aims to become a regional meeting place in the forefront of the digital society.

Halmstad University is now taking a further step in meeting digital development by creating a strong digital environment for research, education, and development – DLC – with a focus on teaching, pedagogical approaches, and culture.

Centrally located on campus in the Q-building, creative environments combined with the latest digital technology will allow both creativity and visibility of new knowledge.

Who is it for?

DLC will be a resource for many target groups e.g. researchers, teachers, and students – as well as for external partners. It can, for example, be practising teachers, student groups who study at the university, cultural institutions, businesses as well as other organisations.

What can you do there?

DLC has all the latest equipment in visualisation, simulation, and design - technology that allows possibilities, in new and visual ways, to convey complex or abstract information. It also has equipment in VR, i.e. "virtual reality", digital lab environments, a creative room, and a communication studio. DLC will be used in education, research, and development projects and will act as a so-called "maker space" - a creative environment based on sharing knowledge as well as access to tools for realising and achieving ideas.

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Examples of resources and equipment available at DLC:

  • Rooms and equipment for visualisation, synthesis, simulation, and design
  • Hjärnverket – a lab environment for digital and analogue active teaching for primary schools in mathematics, technology, and science.
  • Creation Room – for digital and analogue active learning
  • The Black Box – for film, discussions, lectures, theatre, etc.
  • Communication Studio – recording of video, audio, discussions, music, and teaching.
  • Meeting room – for digital or analogue meetings, workshops, teaching, and discussions
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