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Reliable pollutant retention estimates for wetlands: A new approach

Existing wetland pollutant retention data are highly variable, often including inaccurate estimations. This project intends to evaluate how wetland retention data can be obtained through a new approach, with the goal of providing more reliable data at a fairly low cost. This approach is based on the idea that a few variables, measured at strategic times during the year, can give adequate information to characterise the retention of selected substances in a wetland.

Specifically, we test if retention data from periods with different water flows can be used for modelling the retention capacity of individual wetlands and also if reliable absolute retention estimates (e.g. on a yearly basis) can be obtained by applying these models on e.g. yearly water flow data. Wetlands receiving agricultural drainage in southern Sweden are intensively researched over several years to develop this approach. Continuous automatic flow-proportional sampling has been performed in selected wetlands. Different "sampling strategies" (using data from selected dates) combined with different modelling strategies are compared and evaluated.

Updated 2018-02-22